1. Abigail
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Abigail you can find this song on my vary first Cd. My producer at that time was the Wonderful Mr Dan D'alio we recorded with his voice. John Nelson and I tweaked the words and recorded it in my voice. hahaha I think its Beautiful


You were a dream a twinkle in our eyes
an answer to are prayers when you arrived
We were filled with Joy when we heard you cry
you were a gift from God our Child

Abigail we will dance with you
celebrating life day by day
Abigail We will dance with you
Gods Precious Child Abigail

The Lord gave you to us before time began
A perfect part of his perfect plan
Born of a love, Women and man
A miracle of life by his Holy Hand


There "ll be wondrous times to share with you
Your in our life to stay
In the darker times we'll be there too
Love will light the way,.....Abigail