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Abigail use to go around saying your kiss is in my heart so I thought that make a great song. So I tried to let the song write its self but it wouldn't Until John worked his magic and together we co-wrote the song


Your Kisses is In your Heart
My little brown eyed girl with her blue hair tie
Wrapped her arms around me kissed my cheek
Come on Daddy Hide and seek
Her sweet little voice brought a tear to my eye
singing to me as she played
Words that moved me still today

Your Kiss is in my Heart
next to those I dearly love
Cooing like a morning Dove
your kiss is in my heart
your kiss is in my heart

My Brown eyed girl is almost seventeen
Sings and dances every day
Dreams of being on Broadway
One day she might make that scene
But I'll be remembering
The Little Girl that used to sing


She has dreams that she will chase
But with her Mama's Faith and grace
She will never lose her place
and I will Reminisce