1. Waldo Cannon
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Waldo Cannon True story Our family's - all of us can remember that day. Our family including the Goats, Ducks and Chicken's and the rest of the Animals had to evacuate three times saw a lot of people lose there Houses pets and everything else they owned this goes out to all of the Fire Fighters city officials who did an out standing Job of putting out the fire and keeping us safe Also Black Forest fire the following year this song belongs to Colorado Springs Colorado


Waldo Cannon
Waldo Cannon's burnin down
and the fire moving fast
Now that creature's come to town
Every Breath a furnace blast

Better run don't look back
Fire's hear no time to pack
butter run better flee
This Waldo Cannon Misery

Fire fighters take the fight
Block to block and Door to door
Battling by fire light
Struggling to win the war

A ghost with a torch is riding the flames
On a horse from hell with a fiery mane
Charging hard on a red hot wind
Down one street and back again

Three hundred and fifty homes are lost
Embers in the smokey dawn
There's no way to count the cost
Of lives and dreams and memories lost