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Dead man walking

Talking about living with Aids This has impacted our Family in a Huge way
Even though Waldo Cannon put us in Danger we came to terms. With Sarah and I living with Aids and raising a six year old has been only by the grace of God. And the wonderful Help we received from Family and Friends who stood up fo us and supported


Dead man Walking

A man in a white coat by my bed
Said i had Aids thought I was dead
bitter words to hear That day Its not supposed to be this way

Dead man walking Dead man talking
Face of millions you don't see
Dead man walking Dead man talking
The castaway on that wretched road is me

Dreams shattered with those words ,Like broken glass
Fragments scattered from my past
Echoing they seemed to say
Son,There is a price to pay

Echoing they seemed to say
Son,thereis a price to pay