1. I am Alive
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this is the Title track. I am alive For Sarah its been 12 years And fore me 15 years, and we are Alive. Sarah is a Teacher. And I Songwriter enjoying are sweet Little Girl Abigail. We both can say
I Am Alive

I Thank the Lord for the best years of our lives
I was inspired to write this song for my Childhood Friend Dave Ambrose.
side note
Jay Celedonia Barrie and Tom and I played in a band called Blue Dungeon back in the day


I am Alive
Got a phone call from a friend back east coast
What's happening since we've been apart?
are you doing alright ho,w've you been?
I didn't want to tell him Didn't know were to start

But I took a deep breath, I'd seen better days and I cried as I began to say
I have Aids

But I am Alive
Living one day at a time
I will survive
By Gods grace I am a Alive

I felt the tears falling fast
as his voice shook on the phone
Through the years I've come to learn
The roads we travel can make a grown man cry